Implementing Agencies

Food and Clothing: WFP/NRCS

The World Food Programme (WFP), has been providing basic food items to the Bhutanese refugee community since January 1992. The Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS), has responsibility for emergency supplies, clothing, blankets and mosquito nets. They are also responsible for the procurement and distribution  of food and other items.

Infrastructure : LWF

Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is responsible for shelter, water and sanitation, health infrastructure and access roads in the camps. They also manage the construction of schools, roads and bridges in the local area as part of RAARP (Refugee Affected Area rehabilitation Programme)

Health: SCF(UK)

Save the Children Fund (UK) since 1992 has been providing basic health care to the refugees and looking after preventive care and health education.

Education: CARITAS Nepal

Even during the dreadful days at Mai river bank, Bhutanese teachers, students and parents wanted education for their children. High school students and teachers volunteered to organise classes of over 100 pupils, anxious that the education denied them in Bhutan should not be lost forever.

Since 1992 CARITAS Nepal has been taking responsibility for the refugee education programme, now under the management of Jesuit Refugee Service, South Asia. Now there are over 35,000 pupils and 700 teachers in the refugee schools. The programme is run almost wholly by Bhutanese with a small number of expatriate and Nepal's resource and management staff.

Non-formal education and community development: OXFAM (UK)

OXFAM Nepal has been organising non-formal adult literacy and pre-school education classes for the refugees since 1992. It also initiated community based income generation and rehabilitation programmes for people with special needs. Until 1996 OXFAM was also involved in undertaking Income genration programmes.


CVICT Nepal in 1995 and 1996 initiated programmes of occupational therapy and medical counseling for those traumatised by violent experiences in Bhutan.

Various Bhutanese groups viz: AHURA Bhutan; BHA; BRAVVE; RWF are running various community programmes in the refugee camps in partnership and collaboration with other developmental and social organisations.

Bhutanese Refugee Camps in eastern Nepal