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Organisational Background

The Association of Human Rights Activists or AHURA Bhutan is a non-partisan and non-governmental human rights group formed by Bhutanese refugees in exile in 1992. The office is located in Damak, Jhapa in eastern Nepal.

Aims and objectives of the organisation

AHURA Bhutan has the following aims and objectives:

1. Promote the human rights of the Bhutanese people in and outside Bhutan.

2. Raise awareness of the human rights violations against the Bhutanese people.

3. Implement social welfare programmes in the refugee camps that would uplift the status of the refugees.

AHURA Bhutan's Current Projects

AHURA Bhutan is implementing the following programmes in the camps:

1. News Board Programme - This project is funded by OXFAM Nepal. It is available in all seven camps.

2. Scholarship Programme- AHURA Japan has been providing scholarships to some Bhutanese refugee students since 1994. So far, AHURA Bhutan administered this scholarship scheme for seventeen students attending pre-university courses in Indian universities and twenty two students will be sent for studies under this scholarship programme this year.

3. Children's Play Centre - AHURA Bhutan runs this programme in three camps for children between the ages of three and six. This project is funded by the Swedish Building Maintenance Workers Union, SBMWU, Sweden and CVICT Nepal.

4. AHURA Bhutan also has worked:

a) in close cooperation with Centre for Victim of Torture, Nepal in the refugee camps since 1993. AHURA Bhutan was actively involved in providing medical and psychological counseling to the victims of violence amongst the refugees.

b) as partner member with the Appeal Movement Coordinating Council (AMCC). AHURA Bhutan was actively involved in organising 1996 Peace March to Bhutan by Bhutanese refugees towards the promotion of their early repatriation.

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