Documentary Evidences

Documentary EvidencesThe database shows that 99.83 percent of the refugee households possess documentary evidences of Bhutanese origin and nationality. Of the total 4553 households, 94.86 percent have, in their possession, either or both Bhutanese Citizenship Identity documents and Land Tax Receipt, 4.96 can produce other forms of evidences like Land Deed documents, Certificate of Origin, Marriage Certificates, Insurance receipts, Royal Decree, Trade or other license, Office orders etc, issued by government authorities, to prove their Bhutanese origin and nationality. In many cases, Bhutanese authorities have seized some or all of the documentary evidences at the time of eviction from Bhutan. Eight households do not have any form of documentary evidences because of this seizure or loss or natural calamities. Such families have been certified by their respective village representatives resident in the camps in Nepal and issued with letters of certification, which have been documented in this database as evidence of their Bhutanese origin.