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Bhutan Address:

Village: Dofam

Date of departure from Bhutan:

Block: Lokchina
District: Chhuka
Tharm No.: 102
House No.: DF/3

Refugee Camp Address:

Camp: Khudunabari

Date of arrival in Nepal:

Sector/Hut No.: G1-59
HOF's Father: Lt. Naray Tamang
HOF's Mother: -

Family Details (at the time of departure):
a. Bhutan

 S/No. Name Age/Sex Relation to HOF C/Card No. Occupation Remarks
1 Jai Bdr. Tamang 5oM HOF 0032792 Farmer -
2 Malim Tamang 35F Wife - Farmer -
3 Bishnu Maya Tamang 11F Daughter - Student -
4 Moti Maya Tamang 6F Daughter - - -

b.Change in family structure (after leaving Bhutan).

S/No. Name Age/Sex Relation to HOF Remarks
1 Phul Maya Tamang 6F Daughter



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